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Midtown Square Apartments
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The Lite House program is a very special amenity available to the residents of participating apartment communities. Our unique free of charge recreational and educational after school program strives to provide safe and supportive activities for children ages 5 years thru 18 years of age. The program works to emphasize each child's strength by fostering positive self-esteem, building socialization skills and developing greater cultural awareness.

At the core of Lite House's great success is its academic foundation. The Educational Coordinator and trained staff work in conjuction with parents and each child's school to ensure personalized year-round educational and enrichment opportunities. 

We are proud to offer a program that provides the parents in our community peace of mind, as it also gives our children a safe and nurturing environment in which to spend each afternoon.

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Our Mission

​Lite House was established to create community enrichment centers that serve families by providing access to technology, academic support services and extracurricular activities that add to the quality of life for all community members.

Melvin Morris