Lite House 
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Lite House Activity Center

After School and Summer Program

"where a LITE is always on!"

Rules and Regulations​​

Dear Parents and Legal Guardians,

LITE HOUSE is an after school education program for the children who reside in our community. This is an amenity to the residents who participate. In order to enroll a child it is necessary for us to supply you with an informational package, enrollment forms, and our rules and regulations regarding this program. Parents and Legal Guardians are responsible for keeping the Facility Coordinator at the LITE HOUSE updated it there are any changes in phone number or emergency information.
LITE HOUSE is NOT a day care facility. Children are permitted to enter and exit the center during the hours of operation. There is a check in and check out procedure that is required for ALL children. Upon entering and leaving, all students must inform the Facility Coordinator. Once the child has cheeked out for the day, he or she may not return until the next day. All enrolled children are required to attend the LITE HOUSE a minimum of four days a week on a consistent basis to remain enrolled in the program.
Children who are absent due to illness are not allowed to attend LITE HOUSE until they are in good health.

       All children are expected to engage while in the LITE HOUSE and follow rules including listening to the Facility Coordinator. Included in this package is a list of rules that the children must abide by. There will be an area on this form for parents or legal guardians to sign stating that you have read and understand these rules, the LITE HOUSE staff reserves your child. If your child does not abide bu these rules, the LITE HOUSE staff reserves the right to REMOVE THE CHILD FROM THE PROGRAM in order to maintain a calm learning environment for all children at the LITE HOUSE. Should your child be removed from the program, you will need to plan a meeting with the Facility Coordinator in order for the child to be readmitted.

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