Lite House 
       "  Looking Into Tomorrow Education  "
About Us
"Looking Into Tomorrow's Education"
                          OUR MISSION

Lite House was established to create community enrichment centers that serve families by providing access to technology, academic support services and extracurricular activities that add to the quality of life for all community members.

We believe that education is a critical factor in determining long-range life options. We also know that education does not begin and end with the school day. Lite House provides a safe, nurturing and inspirational environment dedicated to helping each child realize their potential.

We currently provide homework assistance, recreational activities and mentoring. In an effort to expand services and support families, we are working to create an exemplary after school enrichment program for youths. Our goal is to create programs that will help ensure that our youths excel academically, are exposed to the arts, cultivate cultu
ral appreciation and enjoy an active outdoor experience. To this creative mix, we will add personal enrichment programs for adults.   
      Founder: Melvin Morris
                                                            OUR GOALS

-Establish the highest standards for quality programs that generate qualitative and quantitative results.

-Brand “Lite House” as the quintessential community service program.

-Create a flagship reading program for elementary, middle and high school children.

-Integrate technology, sports, arts, media and civic education for youth in an informal after school setting.

-Increase parental involvement in the lives of children.

-Create partnerships with schools, businesses and organizations to support children and families by providing mentoring, tutoring and other support services.